The end!

Sorry folks, but this time for real:

Since I’m now actually being paid to do all the things I was handing out for free over the last years I won’t be releasing anything much anymore. So I’ll be filling this area here with more of my dinosaurs and similar.


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Celle 2


I’m excited to finally release Celle 2!

MBG Celle 2 (237MB)
Alternative #1

MBG Buildings 3:
Download #1
Celle 2
Celle 2
Celle 2
Celle 2
Celle 2
Celle 2

Map Overview

More #1
More #2
More #3
More #4
More #5
More #6
More #7
More #8
More #9
More #10
More #11
More #12

Mikero for his awesome tools
DeeKay for helping me assemble some of the many road signs
GalComT for providing me with reference material and pictures
All of the TF-141 personnel that helped me testing and finding bugs

Enjoy, it’s time to let the Cold War in through the German front door!

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MBG Killhouses

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MBG_Killhouses adds 7 new walkable buildings. These buildings are purpose-built to suit Arma2: This means floors, doorways, rooms and the overall collision-model have been adjusted to cope well with the current collision-detection. Here is a quick overview of all the building’s features:

- 5 killhouses
- 1 Shoothouse
- 1 Big Warehouse
- Fully usable in both the Editor and Visitor3/4
- Highly precise editor-icons for easy alignment
- Averaging 100 positions per building
- Several wall-segments (Straight parts, corners, doors, gates, 3m height an 0.8m height.
- MP-Synchronized door/gate sounds
- Breachable doors and wall-segments [/list]

Thanks to:

-Toadball for providing me with a generous amount of blueprints.
- DaveP, Friznit AND da12thMonkey for providing me with a tremendous amount of reference pictures
-Volunteer Commando Battalion
- Task Force 86
- =UKTF= Tactical Realism Clan

This addon is not related in any way to Bohemia Interactive Studios or Bohemia Interactive Simulations. You may ONLY use this addon in Arma2: Combined Operations, Arma2 and Arma2 Operation Arrowhead.

MBG_Killhouses (43.8mb)

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