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MBG Killhouses

MBG_Killhouses adds 7 new walkable buildings. These buildings are purpose-built to suit Arma2: This means floors, doorways, rooms and the overall collision-model have been adjusted to cope well with the current collision-detection. Here is a quick overview of all the … Continue reading

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Window Of Opportunity 1.0 Update released!

is a new game mode that is basically a mix between warfare and high command. More commonly known as “Real Time Strategy”. Goal of this was to create a new gamemode that appeals to all of those players, that couldn’t … Continue reading

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MBG Window of Opportunity

This time I went back to the roots: Scripting and Editing of a mission. Window of Opportunity (I apologize for the silly name) offers an RTS environment for Armed Assault 2/OA. Think of it as a mix between Warfare and … Continue reading

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