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MBG Islandobjects V1.42

My first real venture into creating proper objects/buildings with textures that won’t cause Eye-Cancer. Aloha! Here it is: MBG_Islandobjects V1.42 118 new objects! Not much to say. Unfortunately I did less objects than planned, but i can always update this, … Continue reading

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MBG Cartridges

One great feature I missed in ArmA was for the cartridges to stay. Since ECP didn’t settle over to ArmA, I had to make it on my own. This Addon creates automatically a cartridge of the right type for the … Continue reading

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Cessna 182

ArmA without a Cessna? Not for long! I took the OFP Cessna and refurbished it. Then I released this addon unbinarised so people could learn from this how to make animated objects. And I finally began to improve with creating … Continue reading

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