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ArmA Next Door is a show that focuses on parodying the little things of ArmA / ArmA2 that every true player of said games will have encountered at some point. With wit and a sense of humor these are then turned into little stories set in the ArmA2:OA universe.


Vote for him, or else...

Most notably are of course the “Secretary of Bombardment” who is basically a little kid allowed to play with explosives in a position appointed for life. Much to the dismay of his superior, the President.

So he goes on doing what he does best: Blowing up stuff. Massively. Relentlessly. Madly.

But one day the President is finally fed up with this and decides to take some measures to ensure a future for his country, where people and structures currently suddenly detonate and then burst into flames.

Along the “SOB” are two dudes directly taken from live happenings:

The Golden Revolverdudes.
These two fellas share the same incredible amount of luck and cruelty (Stupidity). Where they appear, everything that moves will eventually disintegrate into minced meat.

The Revolverdudes are based on our non-serious gaming experience.
I.e. us just messing around.
So were the first scenes of “Revolverdudes 1″ inspired by the first MP-Game Scruffy and I ever had in ArmA2:OA. ┬áThe rest of the first Revolverdudes “Movie” was of course written in advance to come up with a nice end and some giggles, but there was also a lot of ingame experience and memories involved in it’s creation.

Rest assured: “Revolverdudes 2″ will be even nearer to the game. In fact, they are sent on a mission every OFP and ArmA fan will have certainly at least been on once. They go and try to steal the car. YAY!

The deeper aspects
Using this media just for stupid, pointless nonsense is of course our first goal, but adding a little extra satire never hurts. Pointing at things that hurt when playing ArmA is never wrong, so, for example, I took care of the ever annoying Motorcycle-Bug which got eventually fixed in ArmA2 1.05, after it occurred 2 years earlier in ArmA1 1.03…

This will continue, and with Episode 3 I even took on dealing with real world happenings and made a little advertisement for a game called “Crazy Horse” where I go on mocking about both the army’s attitudes towards “damage” and the recent development of games and their content. Apparently people go on killing 250.000 Civvies just to get a little achievement.


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