Window Of Opportunity 1.0 Update released!

Window Of Opportunity (WOO) is a new game mode that is basically a mix between warfare and high command. More commonly known as “Real Time Strategy”.

Goal of this was to create a new gamemode that appeals to all of those players, that couldn’t get around playing Arma2 anymore because of the lack of fellow players to help get a decent sized coop squad up, to those that have constant performance issues when playing and those that think Arma2 can be played in a bigger magnitude, with a bigger scope than a normal coop or warfare offers.

And, without being modest, I believe I’ve achieved all that.

These pictures offer a brief insight into the gameplay:

If your favorite island is not among the missions already included, don’t despair!
Porting WOO to a new island is simply a Copy-Paste issue. Simple as that.
Adding new units and buildings is fair bit more tricky, but if you read the manual, you should be able to manage adding new units.

Read the included manual to become familiar with all the functions of WOO!

WOO 1.0 Update Changelog:
- Enemy AI now sets up a base and starts to capture points and attack the player
- Added camera control by WASD and Cursor Keys
- Added Night Vision Mode with [ N ]-key
- Smoothened camera zoom [ Mousewheel ]
- Night Vision can be adjusted by using the [ Mousewheel ] while holding down [ B ]-key
- Select resource multiplicators and the enemy AI’s side in multiplayer parameter selection

Download MBG_WOO_1.0 Missions @ (~0.15MB)
Download MBG_WOO @ (~5MB)
(Included addon required, included missions obsolete)

With this release I allow you to alter, modify and re-release any of the three included WOO missions,
under the condition that you attribute proper credits.

What it means:
Go and do what you want with this, but tell them that you are using scripts that were originally mine.
A readme and briefing note should suffice.

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Moonfield Base Testing Grounds


Hear ye, Hear ye!

Here is one of the promised maps that will accompany the release of my latest Building Pack, MBG_Buildings_3.

This map is called “Moonfield Base Testing Grounds“, and it is not a showcase Island for any addon or whatsoever.
Originally this island was spawned by the idea that it would probably be cool to have TopGear’s test track/airport in Arma2. So I went on and did it and thought while I am at it, I might as well try some new techniques in creating sat-maps. And I am very pleased with the result.
Then the project grew and grew. It was developed simultaneously along MBG_Buildings_3, though it only features a portion of the pack, simply because the area didn’t need to have supermarkets, living estates and that sort of infrastructure.
Finally this island served more purposes than being the host for TG’s track.

It got around to feature some water basins with varying depths, a range of slopes with inclines from 10% to 100%, two fallout shelters that directly withstand several MK82s for safely testing the latest relase of the missile box on some caravans.
The airfield itself features two runways, one out of commission and another one with a length of 3500metres (excluding jet blast areas).
The runway is fully lit and I tried my best to create an airport that would meet up to the ICAO’s specifications. So be prepared to get your flightgear working at night.
Also there is a firing range with no targets on it (so you can do your own scripty wonders on it).
As a small gimmick the firing range has range marks in 25 metre intervals, and the big 27-09 Runway has rangemarks in 50m intervals.
For if you need to test your M107 1337 haxxor skillz. (All range markers are visible in the editor as black lines)

In addition, there is a huge offroad track called “Offroad Course of Death”. It is a really rough course (No smoothed roads) to see how good a vehicle is off the road. I advise to take the course with no less than the BAF Landrover… In general the map is divided into two Areas. Approximately half of the map is flat and leveled at 7.00007 metres.

The other half of the map features extensive mountainious regions for your personal hiking and hunting experience. All in all this is probably a terrain best suitable for clan’s bootcamps and flight schools. Or the occasional test of a newly released addon.
That’s the reason why I am realeasing this.

That and the TG Track.

MBG_Testfield @ (90.7MB)












A map showing the relevant areas.

A map showing the Power Lap

Here you can download the racing mission. It is just a small script for keeping an accurate time. My personal best on the Power Lap was 1:55:59 in the BAF Landrover.

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Aloha folks,

here it is, at last, MBG_Buildings_3.
This is a pack of buildings aimed at European terrains. All buildings, I repeat: All buildings are fully enterable and walkable, usable in both the editor and Visitor 3 and have path ways for safe handling of AI.

Also, all the houses and flats have working doorbells.


  • 2 Pubs
  • 4 Supermarkets
  • 2 Estates
  • 4 Single-Family Homes
  • 5 Townhouses
  • 1 Garden Bench
  • 3 Beach Chairs
  • 4 Garages
  • 1 Fallout Shelter
  • 1 ATC Tower
  • 1 ATC Building
  • 1 ATC Connector
  • 2 Runway Ends (09 & 27)
  • 3 Runway Pieces (Stripes, no stripes, Fadeing out lines)
  • 1 Parking Area
  • 3 Edgelights (Blue, Green, White)
  • 5 Embedded lights (Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow)
  • 1 Navigation Light (red)
  • 3 Full tarmac road sets (Dashed line, continuous line and no middle-line)

MBG_Buildings_3 (70.2MB) @ Armaholic

    And here’s a pack of high interest for mapmakers. This pack contains the road-MLODs, and MLODs for two Airport signs and the runway end markers plus two textures without digits.
    This should help you creating customized airports for a runway that is not going from 09 to 27. 

    MBG_Buildings_3 Map Maker’s Special (4.5MB) @

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